VIP Mission
Welcome aboard, Explorer!

Be rewarded for your game

Till the end of the season:
238 days 03 hours 41 minutes 47 seconds

Earn kosmocoins and get rewards!

Join our VIP mission and get the exclusive place in the Hall of Fame.
For every completed assignment you get a special status. The more kosmocoins you
earn – the higher your VIP level! Each new level unlocks an amazing reward.
Collect them all, win spectacular prizes and become a Space Legend!

All earned kosmocoins are set to zero on the first Monday of the month at 13:00 UTC.


The special VIP bonus depends on the VIP level:

  • Level 1: Space tourist (0-20 Kosmocoins) - it's a start of your intergalactic journey.
    Don't stop, earn your cash bonuses and free spins!
  • Level 2: Space explorer (21-100 Kosmocoins) gets 40$/€.
  • Level 3: Spaceship pilot (101-500 Kosmocoins) gets 50$/€.
  • Level 4: Senior spaceship pilot (501-2000 Kosmocoins) gets 100$/€
    and 20 FS.
  • Level 5: Commander (2001-5000 Kosmocoins) gets 200$/€ and 40 FS.
  • Level 6: Space legend (5001+ Kosmocoins) gets 500$/€ and 100 FS.

Raise your level and prove that you are worthy of the Hall of Fame!

Space tourist
Space explorer
Spaceship pilot
Senior spaceship pilot
Space legend
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